The 10 Best Trucks Coming in 2018-2019

Ford Raptor V8

Expected 2018

2018 Ford Raptor Shown

Those interested in purchasing the 2018 Ford Raptor won’t find many distinguishable details that differentiate it from its predecessor. Both share a 3.5L V6 and 450 horsepower engine as well as the definitive modern body shape unique to the Ford pickup family along with the Ford name still famously stamped into the grille.

Enthusiasts of the 2017 Raptor will note that the most discernible alterations between the 2017 and 2018 models are almost entirely aesthetic. The forefront of those differences is the new tailgate design, which is now clad with a large “F-150” stamped into the aluminum. The sound system has also been touched up in the new 2018 Raptor. The Sony Audio System of the 2017 make will be replaced with a higher-quality B&O Premium Audio System.

Moreover, there are now two new colors to choose from: race red, a vibrant and loud coloration, and lead foot gray, a more muted matte design. Customers will find that these mostly aesthetic modifications to the new Raptor come with a slight increase in price. The 2018 Ford Raptor is listed at $52,770, and the 2017 model comes in at $52,250.

The Raptor frankly doesn’t need to become more interesting than the previous model, as it stills stands out as one of the most unique pickup trucks available today. Its rugged, modern design makes it unique among other trucks on the road. It compensates for its lack of overall size by its more-than-noticeable speed and versatility in on- and off-road conditions. Not to mention that the Raptor has a towing capacity of three to four tons which, though less than the standard F-150’s three to five, is still enough for off-road and casual usage.