Another Tesla Delay

The Tesla Motor company still can’t catch a break as it looks like its affordable Model 3 delivery schedule will be further delayed until close to the end of the year. The company has been delivering its Model 3, to the tune of of about 10 thousand of them, but they’ve delivered a total of zero of the Model 3 at the base price. If you remember the hype around the notion of having a Tesla for less than $40K and how this was going to revolutionize the whole industry? Well it has actually changed the industry, see all the investments that other manufacturers are making into sustainable vehicles, but they have not been able to deliver a Model 3 at that price, yet.

Tesla Model S Shown

The company is looking at delivering the original version of the Model 3, with a standard range of about 200 miles per charge, later this calendar year and has said that the newer all wheel drive dual motor versions may be available sometime at the end of the third quarter of the year. The only ones that are currently available are the more expensive single motor versions with a heftier battery pack for longer distances, but this one will cost you wayyy north of $50k USD.

Tesla Charging Stations

The bigger issue for buyers is that the many State government rebate programs are set to expire soon and this has buyers, and investors, somewhat nervous as these rebates we core to get new people into the car. The most prevalent of these rebates were the ones coming in from California’s clear air rebate which would allow buyers to get as much as $ 2,500 back from the state and when combined with the Federal $ 7,500 rebate many buyers saw a change to get into a Tesla for $25,000, which would be awesome. The problem starts to get a bit mucky when you factor in the fact that these rebates were capped to the first 200,000 cars produced by Tesla and when that figure is hit, the rebates start to scale down very very quickly. For the first six months after the cap has been reached, the rebate goes down to $3,750 and the next step down would take the rebate down to $1,875 for six more months and then disappear completely after that. Like always, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to Tesla.