Audi Looking to Dominate Electric Vehicle Market

The company that’s been under siege, the VolksWagen group,  for the better part of the last four years for its complicit role in the entire emissions scandal is looking to shed that ugly part of their history and they are looking to set their sites on a new future which is grounded, no pun intended, in the whole electric vehicle movement.

The company recently announced a wide sweeping plan to get itself fully immersed in the notion of not only producing environmentally friendly autos, but is also thinking about how to make the experience better for owner.  How’s the Audi brand going to do this, well here’s a quick look at what they have planned. The company has previously announced that it will be building its vision starting with the all electric e-tron Quattro sports utility vehicle that will land somewhere within the scope of the Q5 and the Q7 and will be the first salvo into the electric SUV market by the 2020 model year.

The new e-Tron Quattro will have the ability to deliver over four hundred horses from a three motor configuration and this will allow drivers to get up to a maximum of about two hundred and fifty miles on a full charge through its 97 kilowatt battery that’s supported by its lithium ion battery sets.  Not unlike traditional gas cars, and most of the other electrified vehicles out there, the eTron Quattro’s charging outlet will be on the front left of the vehicle just ahead of the driver’s door and will have the option of traditional charging and the fast charging option as well.  By going with a four hundred volt system Audi will be able to bring the charging time down to about eight hours, but you’ll have the ability to cut this almost in half if you choose to grab a second charger for European drivers.  While those in the US, who only can use 220 volt wiring, full charging times will ten hours and if you are stuck on a 120 volt system it will take you a staggering two plus days to get it fully topped up.

For the fast charge options the Audi eTron Quattro can accommodate a four hudred volt outlet that will make getting an 80% battery charge happen in about thirty minutes, but for this convenience you’ll have to give up driving range, which at eighty percent should get you a couple of hundred miles.