The Auto Industry Equivalent to the Consumer Electronics Show?

Organizers behind the Technology in Motion conference in Detroit are setting their sights on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. They want to promote Southeast Michigan as the true epicenter of advanced automotive technology and attract local and international stakeholders that have gravitated towards the CES in recent years.

The conference is focused on the changing role of connected cars, alternative mobility options, autonomous driving. They will be looking to serve as a matchmaker between up-and-coming tech start ups and the state’s network of established developers, manufacturers, and suppliers. The event organizers see this as the response the state needs to the spectacle at CES in Vegas that is luring emerging ideas out of the state.

And as absurd as it might sound, the guys behind this might have a point. While more and more automotive technologies are being showcased at CES, they can get lost with all the other guys selling consumer-focused gadgets. The organizers also cite the logistical issues at play when car tech companies try to play in Vegas while they also have to get ready for business at the Detroit Motor Show. Technology in Motion asks: why not do both in Detroit?

The event organizers have assembled a list of pretty top-notch speakers from a range of industries including Dan Gilbert, founder of Quicken Loans, the CEO from Lear, the head of e-mobility at Volkswagen, and the vice president and general manager of automated driving solutions at Intel. So, all in all, it just might be cool, but it won’t be anywhere near what CES will look like in Vegas is this year—of course, CES started out small, too.