Cat Helmets are a Thing According to Lotus

While every auto journalist knows that a press release delivered on April 1st is not meant to be taken seriously, we liked Lotus’ latest automotive prank. Similar to Audi’s infamous “rice cooker in the back seat” revealed two years ago in Japan, this automotive accessory is faker than a three dollar bill. But it’s still a lot of fun.

Press Release

Lotus even sent out a press release that stated: “After extensive and hair-raising time trials, Lotus has developed its new lifestyle range of stylish helmets for cats to be both practical and desirable. Tipping the scales at a trim 25 grams, the wonderfully detailed lids can be personalised with your furry companion’s name and blood group. Available in a choice of contemporary and historic colour schemes, the new Lotus Pet Lids are a perfect way to enhance the safety of cats for trips to the vet, visiting a cat show, or just a spirited Sunday drive.”


Lotus provided several other pictures . Just look at this cat, living the high life. To be fair, he looks like he’s ready for a nap rather than a drive:

But he’s also up for some track time:

Congratulations, Lotus. We think you’ve won the Grands Prix for April Fools. Now, where can we actually buy these helmets for our feline friends? Asking for a friend, of course.