Chinese Expansion Into U.S. and European Car Markets

China is the biggest and fastest-growing auto market on the planet right now, but that’s not stopping some Chinese automakers from dreaming about taking on the United States. The Chery Automobile Co., out of China, is making waves after it announced that is has a product ready to sell in Europe. as part of its aggressive global expansion plan.

The company unveiled a teaser design for its new crossover that will focus on cool your urbanites as its core audience target because of course it will. Before you start freaking out about the Chinese taking over the U.S. market, you may want to know that James Hope is setting up the company’s research and development center in Europe. Now you ask, who is James Hope and why should I give a damn? Hope is a former design head at both General Motors and the Ford Motor Company, giving the Chinese manufacturer a dose of credibility. The company is also focused more on the European market to launch the new vehicle.

The plan is to kick things off at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt this September, and the company chose this location because it believes that it can better showcase its global plans on this larger stage. Data shows that the Chery Automobile Company sold over 700,000 vehicles last year, which is a 28% increase year over year. While their primary focus is to sell cars in the domestic Chinese market, the company did manage to export 100,000 vehicles to the likes of Russia, North Africa, and Latin America. It now wants to export vehicles to Europe and the United States. It looks like the turf war in the U.S. auto market is going to get a new player, and sooner than you might think.