The Callaway AeroWagen is an impressive take on the Corvette, standing out with revised styling and upgraded performance. For the Callaway AeroWagen, the popular tuning firm started with the Corvette Z06, giving them plenty to work with from the start. This model will come with a hefty price tag of $144,000, but once you realize everything it offers, it becomes clear why drivers would want it anyway.

Under the Hood

If you take a look under the hood of the Callaway Corvette AeroWagen, you will notice that they took the already impressive V8 in the Corvette Z06 and managed to get an additional 125 pound-feet of torque plus an extra 107 horsepower from it thanks to some help from a Callaway GenThree supercharger. The result? A 757-horsepower Corvette that steals the show. We haven’t driven this Calloway, but those who have agree that it is among the most powerful and intimidating vehicles out there. With so much power and acceleration, the Callaway feels out of place on the road; instead, it should probably stick to the racetrack or drag strip. The Callaway AeroWagen can reach 60 mph from a complete standstill in just 2.8 seconds and complete a quarter mile in only 10.5 seconds. Both of these figures should inspire some fear in you if you get behind the wheel but not be very surprising considering the engine output.

A Shooting Brake

The visible difference of the Callaway AeroWagen compared to the Corvette is the rear hatch, based on the look of a “shooting brake,” the term for a traditional sports car used by British motorists to store their hunting equipment in the trunk. These cars are unique but can be compared to station wagons or “long roofs.” Historically, shooting brakes have been a more practical version of a sports car, which is what Callaway achieves with its most recent Corvette conversion.

Still Not-So-Practical Trunk

Those who get the Callaway AeroWagen are probably more interested in its capabilities and appearance than trunk room, which is good. The trunk is still cut down in size to make it as aerodynamic as possible and boost rear visibility. You can fit around four duffle bags or stow the removable roof and a small bag. That said, you can fit a bit more in this trunk than in the regular Corvette C7. While the trunk’s design helps with rear visibility, the rear window doesn’t make things as easy as you might expect.

Breaking Down the PriceThe cost of a Callaway AeroWagen will depend on the model that you choose, as most are modifications of existing Chevrolets with the Corvettes being the most popular at the moment, specifically the Z06 coupe. Since that model is expensive, to begin with, the price starts high. Replacing the rear with the AeroWagen hatch costs $14,995, and a Callaway Sports Exhaust System will set you back $2,990. If you want the powerful engine mentioned above, the SC757 package is $17,995—but it’s well worth it for the break-neck acceleration and unique look.