Ford General Motors Culling Heard

There are rumours out there that both the Ford Motor Company and General Motors are looking to take some of their classic nameplates and putting them out to pasture. The unconfirmed story suggests that Ford will be looking cut its long standing Fiesta and, gulp, Taurus nameplates while General Motors will be looking to do away with the Chevrolet Sonic.

Ford Taurus

The news of the Sonic and Fiesta demise makes the sub compact market and even more wide open as the removal of these two stalwarts will leave a void that the Japanese auto makers will only be too glad to take advantage of. These two nameplates were in third and fourth place in the race for subcompact supremacy. And on the other end of the spectrum, the death of the full size Taurus, and the unconfirmed plan that General Motors is looking at getting rid of its full size Impala, will also make the already struggling sedan market less competitive. The reasons for these decisions aren’t really that hard to find as the American car buyer’s tastes have shifted dramatically away from sedans in general and their appetite for all things SUV and Crossover can’t be kept up with as all manufacturer’s globally are chasing that sought after American consumer.

Chevy Impala

While passenger cars dropped about eleven percent in 2017, the sub compact market was decimated as it dropped a whopping 26% over the same period and accounted for barely one percent of all sales in the United States. While the Taurus managed to avoid the chopping block about ten years ago, the company actually announced that it was going to phase it out, but had a change of heart. It’s highly unlikely that the governor will be calling to stave off the execution this time as the company has publicly stated that its line up will be predominantly focused on the SUV and Crossover segments for the immediate future.