Ford Looking for Some Creative Inspiration

Ford’s advertising agency, Global Team Blue, just named a new creative head to help prop up the business and lift flagging sales. Global Team Blue is a division of advertising giant WPP. The agency named Tito Melega to oversee their creative product for the Ford Motor Company in over fifty offices that span six continents including their headquarters adjacent to the Ford corporate campus.

Melega brings significant experience to the ad agency as he’s worked with automotive clients for almost two decades. He’s had stints with Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Lexus and some of the top ad agencies in North America.

Melega knows that his new job won’t be easy and that it’s probably the biggest challenge he’ll face in his career. His new client is in a tough fight on a number of different fronts that include new technology, shifting consumer appetites, ride-sharing services, and slumping sales. The automaker just fired its old CEO in May and replaced him with the head of the company’s Smart Mobility division. But the biggest challenge will be to restore the brand’s dynamism and relevance to consumers. The incoming creative chief sees his role as more encompassing than just building ads; sees an opportunity to truly build out an experiential and integrated experience for all of the manufacturer’s existing advertising properties in an ambitious bid to retain and attract consumers.