The Future EV That Everyone Has Already Forgotten

While everyone is in love with Tesla and their charismatic leader, Elon Musk, many have forgotten about Faraday Future. The potential automaker unveiled their divisive FF 91 EV at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2017 but has flown under the radar while the company grapples with unpaid debts.

But it seems like Faraday Future isn’t letting its anonymity get in the way, especially with obscenely wealthy Chinese investors on the hook, and the company has announced that it leased a former Pirelli Tire plant in California to build electric and autonomous vehicles. Faraday has apparently abandoned their previous plan to build a $1 billion brand new production facility in Nevada and faces lawsuits from suppliers. The company is apparently retrenching in California to demonstrate real progress.

Faraday Future wants to build both an electric and connected vehicle so that the company is positioned to take advantage of the changing legal and physical landscape when autonomous vehicles will be allowed to roam the roads. The company plans to build out its models with the autonomous software built in so that when the laws allow it, they can simply flip a switch and deploy a fleet of driverless cars. The first car that, on paper, demonstrates their bold plan is the luxurious FF 91 crossover. This is the vehicle that the company hopes to build in the old Pirelli plant.

Faraday boasted that they have received over 60,000 pre-sale registrations since it announced the FF91 back in January, an apparent ‘me to’ directed at Tesla. While no price for the crossover has been released, many are guessing that it will be in line with the luxury EV from Lucid Motors which is expected to sell for around $160,000.

The jury is still out on Faraday, but it looks like the hype-driven company is trying to settle down and actually build a car. Who would have thought that could work.