General Motors New Exec Team is a First

The General Motors company has a new executive team in place and for the first time in history they will be helmed by Chief Executive Officer and a Chief Financial Officer who are both female.

While in this day and age having two female executives driving the corporate agenda shouldn’t be newsworthy, but to have it happen in the testosterone heavy and often male dominated automotive industry it sadly is.  The new tandem of Mary Barra, current CEO, and Dhivya Suryadevara the thirty nine year old Harvard Business School graduate will officially become the dynamic duo on September first of this year.  Suryadevara has been with the General since 2004 and has consistently moved up the ranks taking on more and more responsibilities throughout her tenure and was instrumental in many of General Motors’ investments in companies like Lyft, the sale of Opel and the acquisition of Cruise Automotive.   This will shake up the entire industry in a long overdue and good way.