General Motors Vehicle App Market Place Gets Upgrade

The General Motors company has been aggressively looking to lead the in vehicle commerce programs that it’s been including in its standard infotainment system.

Chevrolet Bolt

The General Motors market place has now added the ability to pay for gas through your car and is partnering with Shell in a 3 city pilot program that is looking to take in car convenience to another level.   The company is heralding this new program as the car industry’s first ever in dash payment system for gasoline. General Motors announced that it is testing this program in the city’s of Huston, Detroit and Seattle where about one million Chevy vehicles will have the app installed in their infotainment system  and will allow these vehicles to pop into select Shell stations in the Seattle, Detroit and Huston metropolitan areas and fill up and pay through this app.  

The hope is that this program will end up being rolled out nationally, in an extended beta program, that would see up to fourteen million General Motors vehicles have the upgrade to their infotainment systems through the OnStar connectivity platform and have these select vehicle receive and update to their software.  The way this will work is drivers will pull into a Shell gas station and engage their system by ‘clicking’ on the Shell icon which will produce a code that the driver can enter at the pump and be automatically charged when the refuelling process is completed.

The General Motors app market place was launched last year and has seen some moderate success in attracting some brands to take part in the program.  Other partners include Dunkin Donuts, TGI Fridays and Seven Eleven that allows the General Motors app to pay for some purchases of goods and maybe even make reservations to the partner restaurant establishments that sign up.  No details have been released yet on the take rate for the program or how the economics of the model might work for partner brands.