Leadership Changes at Cadillac

There’s been a major executive shake up on the General Mortor’s  Cadillac brand as leadership changes have been announced.  The company said that current General Motors Canada President, Steve Carlisle, will take the helm of the Cadillac brand effective immediately.

New Cadillac XT4

This change sees Johan de Nysschen, formerly seen as the biggest change agent the company has ever seen get ousted.  This isn’t exactly breaking news, as those close to General Motors and the Cadillac brand have been suggesting that de Nysschen would be pushed out for a number of months now, but what is surprising is how fast the new leader was dropped in.  De Nysschen was seen as the force behind the introduction of, and re-invigoration of the stale Cadillac brand, with a huge slate of new products, a brand new proprietary V8 engine, increased sales margin and not to mention his ability to crack the Chinese market where he achieved record sale all within a three and a half year timeline.

The other really interesting part of this whole saga is that the General Motors brass didn’t even add the usual per-functionary quote from the ousted person and barely even acknowledged his contributions to the growth.  There are reports out of Bloomberg that De Nyssche told them that there wasn’t any one big thing that happened, but more so that there was a difference in philosophical opinions on where the brand should go.  And just to add to the drama De Nyssche was poached by now General Motors CEO, Mary Barra, from the Infinity Company where De Nyssche was working out of Hong Kong for the Japanese automaker and previous to that he was the President of Audi in the United States for over eight years.

DeNyssche was also the driving force behind breaking the traditional mold and having his team set up shop in New York City, where he was able to negotiate a million dollar grant from the city to redevelop the teams office space which houses approximately one hundred and fifty people.  This move, he claimed at the time, would help the brand connect with a younger audience and assimilate a cooler vibe by being in the centre of the vibrancy that is New York City.  From where we sit, we think he nailed it.  It will be interesting to see what happens now.