Millennial Kinda Caddy?

The Cadillac brand launched it’s new Cadillac XT4 offering for the smaller SUV category that it squarely hopes will be what millennials are looking for in their next vehicle purchase. The company is also letting the incumbents such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes that it is willing to put up a fight to regain its lost domestic market.

New Cadillac XT4

The Cadillac XT4 is a sorely needed addition to the Cadillac line up, which is very heavily weighted on the sedan front and has put the company in a challenging position as consumer appetites have moved away from sedans in droves and have been gobbling up as many smaller Sport Utility Vehicles as they can. Many thought that the XT4 would end up only being younger, smaller version of the company’s XT5, but those thoughts would be wrong as the XT4 looks to stand on its own. The truck is equipped with 2.0litre, four cylinder engine that can look to produce 237 horsepower with a nine speed automatic transmission. The Cadillac XT4 will offer the usual luxury items including the twenty inch sport wheels, cold weather packages, extended sunroof, crash sensing technology. The company estimates that this smaller SUV will deliver in the neighbourhood of 27 miles per gallon in fuel consumption and an upgraded interior that comes with a new touch screen infotainment centre, which anyone familiar with the old Cadillac offerings will stand up and cheer, as well as lots of USB ports that are now mandatory for all new vehicles.

Cadillac XT4 Interior

The team at Cadillac are confident that the appeal of the new XT4 will help set the table for the future of the brand which desperately wants to compete in the electric and self driving game and hopes that parent company, General Motors, will be allotting a sizeable amount of resources to upgrading Cadillac’s electric car portfolio and securing a big chunk of the twenty plus electric models that General Motors has promised to have in the market by 2023.