Santa Cruz Pick Up? Hyundai is Bringing the Beef

While the company is still being coy, it looks like the rumors are true and Hyundai will be getting back into the truck segment with a bang. Hyundai has not released an official announcement, but the automaker acknowledged that they have made a decision on entry into the North American truck market.


Hyundai has been working on a ‘lifestyle truck’ called the Santa Cruz Pickup based on the same platform as the Tucson crossover. The vehicle looks to be in the final phase of its ready-for-market design. There’s still some discussion on whether the truck will have gas or diesel engines. Many observers expect that they will bring the diesel to the US, which the company introduced in Europe for its Genesis brand.

While we can’t confirm any details at this time, observers claim that the Santa Cruz will ring in around $25,000 and the company expects some fairly robust sales numbers for a vehicle in that price range; some have pegged potential sales as high as 80,000 per year.

Hyundai is desperate to get its product mix back in line with American trends because the Korean automaker is reliant on cars while American consumers shift towards crossovers and trucks. Trucks account for only 25% of current sales, but the company hopes that its prospective lineup will be more appealing to American buyers with 45% trucks in the future.