Sedan Segment Not Dead According to Nissan

The Nissan Motor Company has never been one to simply go with the flow and its no different this time as the company is looking to make sure we know that the Sedan segment is not dead, according to them at least.

2019 Altima

This all comes on the heels of the company’s announcement of the new Nissan Altima and is the sixth generation of the nameplate’s mid size market offering. The company is betting that if it keeps heaping on the new toys, it can keep all comers at bay and by toys the company is throwing its most up to date tech at the new Altima as well as category driving features like standard driver assist, part of its ProPilot Assist system – which is core to the Nissan self driving technologies and things like all wheel drive as standard. We presume that this is Nissan’s attempt at telling the market that they should just basically give up and concede the mid size sedan segment crown to the incumbent. So what would make the Japanese auto giant see something that pretty much every other auto manufacturer has conceded that the sedan market is on its death knell? Well, they claim that their vehicle, in its fifth iteration, has not only held its own against newly introduced model from Toyota and Honda, but did pretty ok. So now, the company sees its new investment in the sixth generation of the Altima as a lock to clean up this coming model year. The company clearly knows who the intended audience is for the Altima as it has stacked it with hyper safety features that come with front, side and rear safety monitors, rear auto braking, lane weaving warning system, pedestrian awareness, auto emergency braking and other intervention technologies.

2019 Altima Interior

The company, maybe foolishly, is betting that there will be compact SUV and crossover fatigue amongst the younger millennial market that may view these models as their ‘parents’ cars and look to differentiate themselves. We get the marketing spin here, and kudos for taking a run at it, but we’re a bit disappointed that they played this card, on the target audience view, and discounted the fact that the intended audience may be looking for the function of a crossover or SUV. Guess we have a hard time seeing this new generation rebelling all the way into a sedan…time, or more importantly sales, will tell the tale.