Tesla Bankruptcy Clock Ticking

The Tesla Motor company can’t seem to catch a break these days and any/all of its detractors are jumping on the opportunity to hit back at the media, and millennial, darling as people start watch the Tesla bankruptcy clock ticking away.


Now the company’s eccentric founder, Elon Musk, has something, ok a lot, to do with this new found negative sentiment that kicked into high gear on April first when Musk decided to post and ill timed joke about the company being ‘bankwupt’.  Musk posted a picture of himself sleeping beside a Tesla Model 3 with a bunch of Teslaquilla bottles claiming to be out of cash.  While under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be that bad, except that there are real concerns about the company’s ability to actually deliver on its promise and many saw this as a big FU to its investors and supporters.

Musk & Tesla

It’s not like people don’t have reason for concern.  The company announced its first quarter sales recently on the heels of Tesla announcing that it had not hit its self imposed production targets for the Model 3.  Now couple, or triple, this with the horrific accident that happened in California recently, where the drive of a Tesla Model X was killed in a highway crash where is was revealed that the auto pilot system was engaged – which many analysts see as a huge blow to the company as this platform is what the company is using as the underlying tech for its autonomous vehicles.  So you can see why people would have taken Musk’s post the wrong way.

Tesla Interior

What this backlash also signifies is that the Tesla aura is taking a hit and the continued missed promises are taking its toll on even the most ardent of supporters.  The company’s stock took a major blow right after the accident dropping to an all time low, but has since rebounded slightly, but not to its usual lofty amount.  The wait, and the watch, is now on as some jittery Tesla fan boys and girls eagerly await some good news from the company for a change.