Tesla Aims at Chinese Market With Local Charging Standard

Tesla might be one of the most popular electric cars in the United States, but it has struggled to achieve widespread acceptance in China. China is the world’s largest electric car market, but Tesla uses a European charging standard that is incompatible with the Chinese state grid, delaying the adoption of their Chinese Supercharger Network. Tesla has now announced that it intends to sell new models with ports based on China’s Guibaio, or national standard.

Tesla’s battery charger is not in line with the GB standard and disqualified from an exemption on new vehicle purchase taxes. Adopting the Chinese standard would shave upwards of $10,000 from the price of a Tesla model. The carmaker will not only sell new models with local charging compatibility they also intend to retrofit Supercharger stations and destination charging sites in China. Tesla has the biggest charging network in China but adopting the GB standard would allow Tesla buyers to switch seamlessly from Tesla chargers to other local charging stations. The company plans to complete the changeover by next spring.