Tesla Misses Again

To the surprise of really nobody, the Tesla Motor Company again missed it production targets for the quarter for its Tesla Model 3 and this just really isn’t good news for a company that just keeps getting and giving bad news.


And while Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer found it timely to put out some questionable tweets on April fools day – he basically told the world that things were so bad that the company was going bankrupt – which many people just see as him being tone deaf to what’s actually happening within his company. The other issue that’s been hanging over the company is the crash that happened in a Tesla Model X in California where the driver was killed in the highway crash and after further review it looked like the auto pilot program was actually engaged, which is huge blow for the company as this auto pilot platform acts as the basis for the bigger picture self driving infrastructure that the company is betting big on. So to have the company come out and say that they’ve missed their numbers again is making even the biggest Tesla fan boy and girl a bit nervous.

Tesla car crash 2018

The company had originally forecasted that it would be producing at least 2,500 Model 3s per week by the end of the first quarter and it announced that it only hit a maximum of two thousand weekly. These seemingly depressing numbers don’t seem to be having an impact on the company’s outlook as, in filings with the security exchange, Tesla believes that it will be producing over five thousand Model 3s before the end of the next quarter. Ummm, ok. Look we get it, they need to keep spinning this in the best way possible to keep investors and shareholders interested and not give up on the dream, but we think that those who are company supporters want to hear the real truth and not just some corporate PR spin, because we believe in what Musk and Tesla are trying to do, we just don’t want them to do it the way all the other car manufacturer’s have been doing it all this time.