Breakthrough Toshiba EV Battery Promises Rapid Charging

Toshiba has made quite the statement regarding their new high-energy density and ultra-rapid charging battery. They have boldly claimed that this new battery will give a compact electric vehicle a 200-mile range after only 6 minutes of ultra-rapid charging. If Toshiba can actually pull this off, it would be absolutely incredible. They would have the best EV battery on the market, no questions asked. While we support the electrification of vehicles to meet the demand for clean air and zero-emissions in urban centers, we need to wait and see if Toshiba can back up their claim outside the lab.

Lithium-ion batteries

I don’t think that this is a marketing scheme to fool people into buying their batteries, but perhaps the numbers have been fudged just a bit here. If Toshiba is suddenly able to create a battery that is three times better than the leading competitor, why has no other company been able to create a better battery for production vehicles? Granted, some companies think that the time and resources that it would take to build a slightly better battery wouldn’t be worth it in the long run, but this is a major jump we’re talking about here.

Toshiba is saying that their battery is able to do this because they have developed a titanium-niobium oxide anode material that can double the lithium storage capacity. By utilizing real-world performance and refined technology, Toshiba believes that they could have the best EV battery on the market by 2019. I need to see how many charging cycles will these batteries are good for in real-world conditions. If they are able to produce a battery with that much power, it will have a positive impact on electric vehicle sales.