Volkswagen Leads the Electric Evolution of Crossovers

The fastest growing segment of the auto market is poised to take a run at being the belle of the ball in the electric vehicle segment. Volkswagen announced that it will look to build an electric production crossover and we expect them to announce their new model at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The concept car behind the potential production model is called the fully electric I.D. Crozz SUV. Most observers expect to see the actual production model at the show. The company teased the Crozz will have a contemporary look, with individually adjustable seats, relaxed interior design, and a variety of matte and gloss finishes. More importantly, this model will debut the company’s new electric vehicle architecture. The battery pack will be integrated into the floor which can increase interior space.

The target date for the I.D. Crozz to hit the market is early 2020, with an outside chance that it might come in a bit earlier. If the production model arrives with a similar name, this also signifies Volkswagen’s commitment to the I.D. brand platform that is planned to include a sports sedan, a hatchback, a larger SUV for the American market code-named The Lounge, and our favorite, the I.D. Microbus. The company hopes to have all of these in play, plus some, by the year 2023. We just wonder why they have to have such affected branding. Well, the future keeps getting closer every day