Volkswagen Sees Commercial Market for ID Buzz Microbus

Volkswagen sees a huge opportunity to expand its line up and help its dealers tap into a lucrative sub market: small electric vans.

The company announced that it will begin production on its brand new electric ID Buzz Microbus—it’s the one that looks like the old style VW Bus from the 1960s. The company sees both consumer and commercial applications for this retro-styled vehicle. The automaker is lickings its chops at the potential of becoming a global player in the commercial segment if they can beat the competition to the starting line with a self-driving electric model.

Volkswagen informed dealers that they will have both a cool electric van that consumers will be lining up for, and, because of inherent design flexibility, the van can also be sold in a package that accommodates small business needs. The ID Buzz Microbus could attract commercial users that want to step up from the boring commercial vans that are available and, for local users, fuel and emissions reductions. Volkswagen doesn’t currently play in the commercial van market, and this is a big miss for the company as it contributes a nice profit to many of the manufacturer’s competitors at very low cost.

The ID Buzz Microbus will arrive on dealership floors around 2022 and come with the Level 3 autonomous technology and a thin battery that should have a range of about 300 miles per charge.