VW Says It’s Second and It’s Happy About That

Volkswagen announced that it sees itself as the “second mover” in the electric vehicle car segment, behind the current reigning champion Tesla. This statement comes from the head of the company’s truck business, Andreas Renschler. He also believes that Volkswagen will be able to deliver zero emissions vehicles and claims that other German manufacturers were probably too slow in picking up the ball in this segment, which is becoming highly competitive with a number of tech companies trying to crack the code for the trucking industry.


The German automaker also announcing that it will be investing more that 20 billion euros into its zero emissions fleet to meet the government crackdown on polluting cars and trucks.  Meanwhile, Daimler AG also announced that the United Parcel Service is the first commercial customer for the new battery powered electric delivery truck and Ford announced that it is working with Deutsche Post on an electric delivery van.  All this comes on the heels of Tesla’s recent announcement that it will be unveiling its new electric big rig sometime in October as it looks to get into the highly lucrative long-haul trucking business.