Walmart’s Selling Cars Now

Walmart has announced that it will be getting into the car sales game in a big way and is looking to open over 200 new CarSaver outlets at some of its stores. This announcement comes on the heels of the beta program that the company has been running at 14 select Walmart stores in the United States over the last 18 months. The company is using CarSaver’s digital marketplace as the jumping off point for consumers who want to purchase new and used vehicles. With this pilot program the Car Shopping Centres are fully independent and within this test period the centres operated across from most Walmart check out lanes.

CarSavers is a Florida based company that susses out banks, service & insurance companies and dealerships and certifies them and uses them to provide support to its car buying an shopping help for individual consumers. What sets them apart is their warranty policy, which basically gives buyers lifetime warranty coverage on all purchases. The company also positions itself as purchaser ally by letting them really get a clear understanding of what’s actually involved in the vehicle purchase process and helps them see the real costs of getting into a vehicle and looks to try and save consumers as much as they can on all aspects of vehicle ownership.

Buying a car

The company claims that its research shows that it can save the average vehicle purchaser about $3,500 off of traditional retail pricing and with its life time warranty it can provide a car owner with approximately $3,900 worth of service savings when they use authorized CarSaver partners. The platform allows buyer to search for what they want, they can compare prices and once they settle on their final choice they are connected with a CarSaver manager who is there to express the process by setting them up with a test drive, or arrange for the buyer to pick up their car at one of the certified partner dealerships.