What Happens to Tesla if Musk Leaves?

The big question on everyone’s mind, other than is Elon Musk able to keep it together, is what would happen to Tesla if he decided to leave, or more probably is asked to leave the company he founded.

Many pundits are busy running models and looking at psychological cracks in the armour of the fan fave Tesla to see exactly what might happen should its polarizing CEO move on, or get moved out.  One side of the coin says that if he goes so too does the company as many think that he is the company and without him the whole operation gets dragged down and the rationale for this is that most believe that the Tesla brand is inexorably tied the personality of its CEO.  Plain and simple, he goes and the company crashes.


The other side of the argument would go something like having a professional manager in place, who knows how to play nice with Wall Street and the investment community.  Someone who may have tremendous experience running a global operation would bring some ‘adult’ supervision to the entire company and get things back on track so that not only would those who shelled out all that money to get on a waiting list actually get their cars, but the company might actually get itself into a break even proposition.

Regardless of what camp you sit in, the reality is that we’ve all got a ring side seat to what promises to be one of the most epic corporate battles of all time and the hope is that the real winners throughout the process would actually be the consumers and the shareholders. But don’t hold your breath on this, as is the case with most corporate hair pulls, it won’t be quick and it won’t easy, so go get some popcorn and sit back and watch the fireworks.