Will the 2021 Volkswagen Gulf Live Up

There is a renewed sense of excitement around the hall of the Volkswagen Motor company these days, and its not just because they have finally gotten mostly out from under the whole emissions debacle of late, although if truth be told, I’d pretty happy is that was over as well.  But we digress, what’s got people excited is the introduction of the new Golf.

This will the company’s eight version of the hugely globally popular car and is anticipated to come with some sort of significant moves up from the current seventh generation version of the Golf.  And the funny thing is that they are going back in time, a bit, to give the new Golf a retro look from the fourth and fifth generation.

You have to understand that the only reason a big car company ever keeps a model around this long is because it’s making serious coin and the team over at VW don’t want to mess too much with the formula.  This trim line needs to keep delivering back to head quarters the requisite profits, especially when you think about how much its going to cost them to make good on their promise of going pretty much all electric soon.

Word has it that the Golf will remain being build on the company’s transverse platform – the MQB- , which is shared by a host of other stable mates in the Volkswagen empire including the Audi TT and the VW Atlas. You can expect some upgrades on the tech side with bigger screens and some form of gesture capture motioning devices within the car and a better and easier HUD system.

The new Volkswagen Golf will be looking to compete with the likes of the Ford Focus, the Honda Civic, the BMW Mini Cooper, Mazda 3 and the Infinity QX to name a few.  The new Golf will come with a variety of turbo charged inline 4  with a one point five litre engine as well as a V 6 with a three point zero litre version.  There is also talk about a hybrid system coming into play as well.  What you can’t expect is a steep price discount for any of the new Golfs as they will range from $20k for the most basic and will take you north of $40k when completely tricked out.