World’s Fastest Convertible?

The Ferrari Motor company tool the cover off of its newest stallion in its stable and boy is the world in for a treat as this may actually be the fastest convertible ever built.

The company showcased its brand new Ferrari 488 Pista Spider recently and it is for certain the most powerful convertible that Ferrari has ever made with a V8 engine.  This monster of a machine will push out over seven hundred and twenty horses, 720hp, and will reach 100 kilometres per hour in just about 2.8 seconds, thanks to the twin turbos and will red line out at around two hundred and eleven miles per hour.

What you also see in the new 488 Ferrari Spider are the new ten spoke twenty inch alloy tires on carbon filter wheels and while they may look super cool they also provide a functional benefit of being over twenty percent lighter than the standard rims.

Your also going to see dynamic traction control included on this bad boy and this version of the Ferrari is really a nod to the American appetite for super cars that are convertibles and perform way above what’s really needed for today’s roads.  The official price point hasn’t been set, but initial intel would indicate that you’ll need to be looking at shelling out way north of the $300k range.